The Story of Our Art


Hi there!  I'm Keith, and I've been a southwestern artist for the vast majority of my life.  I started out making silver and turquoise jewelry in the town I grew up in, Grants New Mexico, way back in the 1970s.  There were many times when I stopped for one reason or another, but the calling to create was always there.  

In 2006, after moving around the country quite a bit, I settled in Pecos New Mexico. Pecos is a beautiful little mountain village situated about 30 miles east of Santa Fe.  Being in and around Santa Fe, I was surrounded by other artists, so the bug bit me again.  I began making jewelry and since I was interested in natural remedies, (Due to a couple of herniated discs in my neck) I also did a lot of research on herbs and essential oils.  I developed Pecos Comfort Oil, and started Pecos Enterprises in 2008 to showcase both my jewelry, and my oil blends. I shortly began making lotions, creams, and a vast assortment of other natural products and before I knew it, Pecos Enterprises had an inventory of over 40 different products, not including my jewelry.

In 2014,  circumstances arose which made it impossible to continue making my oils, lotions, and other herbal products to the specifications which I demanded.  I closed down Pecos Enterprises rather than use inferior ingredients.  Recently, my old suppliers have began offering the quality raw materials that I used for my products again, so I am able to begin producing again.  

Even though I am no longer in Pecos, but just outside of Lexington Tennessee, I am keeping the name "Pecos Enterprises", since I will be using the same frame of mind, ingredients, and cultural background to produce, run, and market everything that will be on the site.


I make all my jewelry with sterling silver and natural stone.  If there is something that is not natural stone, I will mention it in the description.  That doesn't happen often.  In fact, it is pretty rare.  Sometimes, to make a necklace more affordable, I'll use silver plated beads, but again, I'll always say if it is silver plated.  

All of my designs are influenced by the Native Americans which I grew up with, and which inhabit the American Southwest. I lean strongly towards, Laguna, Acoma, and Navajo influences with a bit of Zuni and Hopi thrown in for good measure.


As I said before, I have had a lot of influence by the Native Americans that I grew up around.  My woodworking reflects that as well, even if only in subtle ways.  First and foremost, you will never see a "perfect" piece that I make.  I adhere to the Native belief that "only the gods can create perfection". If something I am making is starting to look a bit too perfect, I will put a flaw or two into it purposefully to adhere to this belief. A lot of the time, no one but me will know it is there, but if you look carefully, you will be able to find them.  

I mostly, I use pine for my woodworking, but I do use oak, chestnut, walnut, and other hard woods on occasion.  I also like working with cedar. This also is because of a preference for working with materials that were, and are available naturally in the southwestern United States.