Frequently Asked questions


Do you use natural ingredients in your oil blends?

The short answer is yes.  The longer answer is that we always have, and we always will.  In 2014 we started having a hard time finding 100% natural essential oils. There were a lot of preservatives being used and instead of using these products which we felt were not 100% natural, we closed our doors, so you can be assured that we will ALWAYS use only completely natural ingredients.

Why does your artwork cost so much? I can find similar things on Etsy for a lot less.

For the full story, please read the section in the dropdown menu under "more" entitled,, "Why is art so expensive?"

Can you make special order clocks?

Yes I can.  Just drop me an e-mail through our contact us page and we can discuss your needs and pricing.

How about necklaces? Can I get one with specific stones?

Again, yes you can.  The same procedure for special orders for clocks applies to special orders for jewelry.  Just drop us a line in our contact us page, and we can discuss what you need, and pricing.

You talk about lotions and creams, but I don't see any offered. Are you going to have any soon?

The game plan is to have pretty much everything that we used to provide in time.  I am operating in a limited space right now, and lotions, creams, massage oils, salt scrubs, and everything else that we used to offer take a LOT of room to formulate, blend, and store. As soon as we are able to procure a larger area for our manufacturing, we plan on ramping up all the old favorites again. Yes, Soothing Sensations Foot Cream will be among the first products that we will do again!

Can I order larger containers of Pecos Comfort Oil?

A little of this oil blend goes a long way!  I am debating on offering a 2 ounce bottle, but as yet, I am still weighing the pros and cons of making larger bottles.