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Pecos Enterprises was founded in 2008 in the beautiful mountain valley village of Pecos New Mexico.  We specialized in creating, making, and providing high quality natural pain relief, natural herbal oils, creams, and lotions to our loyal customers all around the globe.  We also made southwestern jewelry which was offered through the Pecos Enterprises website.  

Between 2008 and 2014, we expanded our offerings until we had more than 40 different oils, creams, lotions, and even salt scrubs, lip balms, essential oil inhalers, and of course, our most popular item-- Pecos Comfort Oil.  

Pecos Comfort Oil was our very first item offered to the public.  It came to be because our founder was looking for a natural way to help relieve severe neck pain which he was experiencing from herniated discs.  He did not like having to go through steroid shots so he wanted to find an alternative.  He researched the benefits, effects, and side effects of essential oils, formulated a blend which he thought may ease the pain, and began using it.  He was pleasantly surprised to find that the oil blend that he whipped up in his kitchen not only reduced the pain, but also helped him to increase the range of motion in his neck.  After sharing the blend with a few friends with similar aches and pains, he started Pecos Enterprises so that others could benefit from it.  

It didn't take long before we began to expand our inventory to include lotions, creams, salt scrubs, and other oil blends, including our Soothing Sensations Foot Cream (which was well on it's way to replacing Pecos Comfort Oil as our number one selling item).
In 2014, circumstances made it too difficult to continue providing a quality product, so instead of offering a lower quality product, we opted to close our doors.  
And that brings us to 2018.  The opportunity to recreate Pecos Enterprises with the same quality natural herbal essential oils with which we started out has arisen.  So, much like when we started, we are offering our original Pecos Comfort Oil to the public.  We will also offer handmade southwestern jewelry on the site, and a new twist will be a new venture.  Hand made wood work clocks and plaques.  Each woodworking piece will be initialed and dated by the artist, and most will be inlayed with precious or semi-precious stone.  We can also take custom orders for clocks and plaques.  
As time goes by, we are planning on reintroducing most of the products that we originally offered, and quite probably some new items as well.  Although we will no longer be based out of Pecos New Mexico, but just outside of Lexington Tennessee, we will retain our small mountain village charm, heritage, and mindset.  
Our first trip through this adventure was satisfying and rewarding, and we fully expect this next chapter in the story of Pecos Enterprises to be even more so!  

Pecos Comfort Oil

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These are the original bottles that Pecos Comfort Oil was available in.  They are 1 oz, 10 ml, and 10 ml roll on.  While the bottling and labeling will change, the product will be identical to the original that we offered.

Wall Clock


Handmade inlay turquoise, jet, red coral, mother of pearl in pine. 8x10

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